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Unique Approaches & Intervention Services 

The principle team have a wealth of experience working with individuals, families and organisations including the NHS

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Our Founder

Natalie is our founder and clinical manager 

Natalie has worked as a Managing Psychologist in the NHS on behalf of Oakfield Psychological Services for 7 years. She heads up the emotional health and well being service for adults and children across a range of health populations including diabetes, oncology and neurological conditions.


My Principle Psychologist supported me in a deeply empathic, valuing and helpful way

Principle Client 


Principle Research & Development 

Our Licensed Professionals Stay at the Cutting Edge of Research and Psychological Treatments 

As pictured above members of the principle team present research at international conferences. We pride ourselves on being innovative, providing a dynamic service, whilst maintaining the core principles of counselling and therapy.  

Our professionals are highly trained, registered clinicians. 

Natalie (pictured) is our lead Psychologist and her credentials can be found on the following link on the BACP register:



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We welcome the opportunity to discuss  how we can work to make your goals a reality and improve your emotional health and well being. Please contact us as the first step in the creation of your bespoke support package


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